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Jun 28

Apple Custard and Apple Mousse

Courtesy of the way back machine this is from Marge Land 2007 (Sent in by Brother of Marge) This is a gorgeous dessert, well worth the effort especially on cold winter nights – and days! Ingredients for Apple Custard: sugar (about 1/5th sugar to apple) pureed apples (3-4 medium sized) egg yolks (min 2, add …

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Apr 24

Spaghetti not quite Bolognese

Not quite spaghetti Bolognese

As promised here is my ‘not quite’ spaghetti Bolognese recipe.  Why not quite? because I haven’t used tomatoes.  As mentioned in a previous blog post I have a relative who cannot eat tomatoes any more because they need to avoid acidic foods and tomatoes are one of them.  I decided to use my ingen…engin… cleverness …

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Apr 21

Can you make bolognese sauce without tomatoes

They said it couldn’t be done! Well, I don’t know if they did but it is a challenge nonetheless.  What am I on about?  Making a bolognese sauce for spaghetti bolognese without using tomatoes.  Why?  because a family member has to avoid acidic foods for health reasons and this includes tomatoes.  Now I use a …

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